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Workplace Safety Post Pandemic

As restrictions ease all around the country, workplace safety in a post-pandemic world has a vastly different look compared to the pre-pandemic world.  We never considered wearing a mask to work, indoors or outdoors.  Now masks are everywhere.  

Steven Crews, with PediDelight.com, explains that before the pandemic people would ask PPE (personal protective equipment) such as, “What are the most comfortable steel-toed boots for standing all day?”  

Today, wearing the correct safety boots, whether they are steel-toed, or composite is still important.  Comfort is also a factor!  But, more people are asking what PPE respirators (RPE – respiratory protection equipment) that they might also need.  In the past, not all workplaces required this.  

It would appear the many construction sites are requiring RPE even if it was just optional in the past.  No business owner wants to be the source of a virus from their place of business.  Employees are told to stay home if they aren’t feeling well. 

You used to be considered “tough” if you fought through a bit of the flu and stayed at work.  Today, your not a hero, you’re a danger to everyone around you.  How things have changed in a little over a year (one very long COVID year…)

The construction industry has certainly changed, but these changes will make it stronger.  More women are joining the industry.  More programs and scholarships and grants are offered for apprentice programs.

The demand for construction employees is growing exponentially.  Matthew, a young apprentice electrician asked Steve about Red Wing boots.  He wanted to know, “are Red Wing boots worth it?” and his answer was yes.

Red Wings are American made, their work tough and perfect for a young electrician starting out.  Those boots could last your whole career if you take care of them. 

I’ve talked to many young men and women who are considering a trade instead of heading to university.  The grants are a bonus, and they can earn money as they learn their trade.  Job prospects are good and many construction companies thrived during the COVID-19 lockdown.

As employers in the construction and maintenance sectors tweak their safety procedures to compensate for potential unexpected situations, employees will be safer.  I also feel that we will see a much lower illness rate, because of the improved protection and rules for employees.  

Employees will be encouraged to stay home and receive compensation when they aren’t well.  That will effectively make the employers much more productive.  Employees working while at their best, instead of coming to work making everyone else ill and sick.

The repercussions of the pandemic will certainly be felt for years to come, but I think they will ultimately benefit all of us.


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