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The Role of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) in Modern Fitness

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or ‘SARMs’ as they’re more commonly known, were originally developed in the 1940’s for medical use to treat diseases mainly associated with muscle and bone wastage.

Modern science discovered that, through research and tests, a new form of non-steroidal SARM was achievable. These SARMs are extremely effective at building muscle tissue due to it’s ‘high affinity’ binding results between a receptor and its ligand, making them hugely popular among fitness enthusiasts and body buiulders alike.

It was only a matter of time before the performance enhancing world caught on and SARMs were inevitably recognised by athletes and body-builders as a safer and more visually productive alternative to steroids, making them the supplement of choice in many US and UK fitness circles.

The use of SARMs as an alternative to the anabolic steroid is a refreshing, innovative and unique way of building muscle mass and also losing weight.  Clinically proven to provide all the anabolic benefits of steroid use, without any of the nasty side effects!  If you ever had concerns about using anabolic steroids and the side effects of doing so then SARMs are for you.

What to expect from SARMs

Each individual SARM has a different role, purpose and outcome and each is suited to different folks at different stages of their fitness journey.

For example, if you’re a bodybuilder looking for huge mass muscle gains then something like RAD140 or YK11 are ideal for beefing up.

Leaner cardio athletes looking for an increased endurance will benefit significantly from GW501516 or MK677. If you’re looking to increase lean muscle mass whilst dropping body fat then SR9009 or LGD4033 will provide that in adundance – so it really depends on what exactly you’re hoping to get from your product of choice.

The benefit of SARMs in liquid form versus pills or tablets

One of the most obvious reasons reputable vendors sell SARMs in liquid form, as opposed to pills or tablets, is quality control.

When taking pills, capsules or tablets the body must first extract and break down the medicinal properties of the pill and turn them into liquid form. This is the process of digestion. On the contrary, 85-90% of nutrients in liquid supplements are absorbed into the body within 20-30 seconds. This is the process of absorption.

The body, therefore only utilises, 39-53% of capsules/tablets/pills. So for better, faster and more effective results liquid is most definitely the way forwards!

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