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Signs You Need a Pediatric Dentist

Oct 25

Do you have a child who is struggling to keep their teeth clean? Do they refuse to brush or use mouthwash because it hurts them? If so, then your child may need a Pediatric Dentist in Lowell, MA. This blog post will discuss the signs that indicate when your child needs a Pediatric Dentist Lowell.

Your child has a fever and is drooling more than usual.

A pediatric Dentist Lowell can provide relief from a toothache or other dental problems that might be causing your child's pain and discomfort. A fever is one of the main signs. You should immediately book an appointment with a Pediatric Dentist in Lowell, to help them feel better as soon as possible.

You notice your child's teeth are turning black or yellow.

This is commonly caused by tetracycline. This is a common antibiotic that can cause tooth coloration changes if used when the teeth are developing (from birth to age eight). Don't worry if you notice this, though! It doesn't mean that something is wrong with the teeth themselves; they still look healthy and robust. Just bring in a picture of what the coloration looks like so your Lowell Pediatric Dentist can see for sure what's going on. If it turns out that tetracycline was used when your child was developing their permanent teeth, then there are ways to fix them by applying sealants or using bleaching techniques.

Your child is experiencing pain when eating, brushing their teeth, or going to the dentist.

Your child might be experiencing pain because they are not using the right toothbrush or brushing technique. If this is the case, you should take them to a pediatric dentist in Lowell who can show them how to brush their teeth properly and provide the correct tools for the job. In addition, if your child starts complaining about headaches or trouble sleeping, they might have some dental issues that need fixing as well.

Your child has been diagnosed with cavities in the past year.

Your child may need a pediatric dentist Lowell if they have been diagnosed with cavities in the past year. If your child is showing signs of tooth decay, it is essential to visit the dentist as soon as possible. A hole can be very painful for children and must be taken care of quickly! Today's parents know just how difficult their kids are when visiting the doctor or dentist, so finding an office that makes them feel comfortable will go a long way towards improving their oral health.

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