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Reason why you Aren't Losing Weight

Oct 29

Losing weight is not always easy.

It is possible to eat fewer calories than you expend, but it will not affect your weight.

It is difficult to lose weight. Many people will tell you that calories are important more than calories out.

These six common hurdles and LIV24 will help you win again at losing.

1. Your Gut Health is in Trouble

Recent research has shown the importance of your microbiome. The microbiome is the collection and management of microorganisms within your body. It can impact your weight and health.

How can I increase my probiotic intake? You can eat more fruits and vegetables to increase your prebiotic intake. You can then have a salad made with tomatoes and kale.

2. You are not your genes.

It's hard to believe that you might not be able to get the body you desire. It is possible to achieve your body goals if you follow the right diet.

Understanding is beneficial and liberating. Although it can seem hard, understanding can make you more patient with yourself. Research has shown that weight-inclusive approaches to health are more effective than those that focus on smaller bodies.

3. Your muscles are becoming weaker as you get older.

Gorin says that women age faster and their estrogen levels decrease, which causes a decline in muscle mass. According to the Mayo, Clinic muscle burns more calories per kg than fat.

What are you able to do?

4. It's Your Medicine Cabinet's fault

Some drugs can cause weight gain and hinder fat loss efforts phoenix. Insulin to treat diabetes, certain antipsychotics or antidepressants, some epilepsy medications, steroids, and blood-pressure-lowering drugs like beta-blockers are among them. They can cause weight gain by altering your metabolism, increasing your appetite, water retention, or exhaustion.

What should you do? They can help you make the right dietary decisions.

5. You have too many

Some problems can arise with the portion sizes of packages.

What next? Gorin suggests that you plan your meals.

6 When you eat without thinking or when your attention is diverted from the most important things in your life

You might wonder, "What was my ?!?"?"? eating?" "What was my diet?"? "

How should you act? Gorin recommends that you eat for at least five minutes, and not use your electronic devices.