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Meet Missha, the Korean Cosmetic Manufacturer!

Missha is a manufacturer, distributor and franchise company established in South Korea.

The luxurious Missha Homme Urban Soul brand was created in August 2009 with a better quality and is more costly than the current two men’s cosmetic brands.

At August, a reproduction of Seoul’s major shopping area, Myeong-dong, was shown at its new Tianjin store in its new Missha, Face Shop and Skin Food outlets as part of the growth plans of the Lotte Department Store to China.

Missha goods include cosmetic and skin care, and body and hair products, such as the SPF 50, Cool Fitting Body Gel and Hot Burning Body Gel all round safety block.

Missha is also recognized for providing more costly brands with higher quality and less cost duplicates. For example, a popular replication of the expensive brand SK-II and the Night Repair Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence is Ampoule is a popular duplication of the Advanced Night Repair of the Estee Lauder.

In 2018, Missha changed its brand name and SIMPLE is its new brand essence (including the meaning of true, bold, edge), with over 10 million consumers globally based on its total number of subscribers as of May 2020.

Teh company has across the globe 32,729 shops, most of which in Japan (21,000) were located since May 2021.

Korean culture of cosmetics and skincare

The Korean people concentrate their attention on skin care under TV, advertising and tradition. Korean ladies have a high even value, beautiful complexion and the beauty care regimes in the Korean women change over the season. They utilize various moisturizers, such as cream for tightening pores and lotions for skin clearance (BB cream, blemish balsam or beauty bazaar) (CC cream, colour correction or colour control).

Koreans usually use maquillage every day since it provides a considerable protection against the sun. Skin whitening is a major emphasis of Korean skin care, and many Korean cosmetics have enhanced qualities. Lightening of the skin is not the same as blackening of the skin, which is also known as whitening, reducing the skin melanin. Instead, hyperpigmentation is the goal of skin whitening.

Korean ladies might go so far as to follow an 8 to 10-step skincare regimen every day to get a completely even skin tone. These routines traditionally include the removals, double cleaning (i.e. consecutive oil and water purification), the exfoliating agent, toner, substances (light hydrated concentrates), treatments (boosters, serums and bulbs) and masks (thin sheets of cotton in the form of a liquid that claims to be moisturizing, brightening and even processing fine lines), eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen.

Skincare is also of importance to Korean males. Certain people are using BB or CC cream. Cosmetics specially produced for males in South Korea are designed to soothe the skin after everyday shaving.

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