Home Beauty Hair Extensions in Shrewsbury services set to reopen after lockdown

Hair Extensions in Shrewsbury services set to reopen after lockdown

Professional hair extensions and hair braiding services in Shropshire, UK

Lucy is a mobile hair extensions specialist and has clients visit her at her home or travels to get customer’s homes.

Hello I am happy lockdown is nearly over and I can get back to my hair extension and braiding customers.  Many local clients are already phoning me to book a hair appointment with me.  – Lucy

Locations I offer hair extensions and braiding include Shrewsbury, Wrexham, Telford, Oswestry, and Welshpool.  Contact me on whatsup or facebook to book an appointment.  I am not open in Shrewsbury right now but you can contact me for mobile services.


Nashe Hair extensions Shrewsbury services. Tel: 01691570883 Whatsapp: 07823883022

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