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Circadian Rhythms, What’s It All About?

You may be wondering how you can maximize fat loss, increase energy, and overall health. Our bodies have clues. Our bodies offer clues.


Circadian rhythms are inborn, natural, bodily, mental, or behavioral phenomena that happen on a daily base according to our internal clock, which is based upon a 24-hour cycle. Every organ of the body has its own clock. The clock in the stomach controls when digestion occurs and when it shuts down and rests. Our skin has its own clock which determines when our skin repairs itself. The circadian rhythm simply means that your body has a 24-hour clock that ensures certain things occur at the best times of day to keep you healthy. This biological rhythm gives organisms a distinct advantage. They can ‘anticipate” sunrises and sunsets rather than reacting. This is how we feel alert at different times of the day.


Your internal work routine is the CircadianRhythm. It is a biological process which affects the sleep-wake rhythm of almost all living organisms. If it is disrupted, you can slowly become predisposed towards a range of diseases including diabetes and obesity. You are more likely to be overweight if you eat and sleep out of rhythm with your circadian rhythm. Also, it can cause anxiety, depression, metabolic diseases, and lack of rest and renewal. It is possible to better manage your fat loss and energy levels by listening to your body clocks and living in sync with your circadian rhythms. Aligning your diet and sleeping patterns with your body’s natural rhythms will help you maximize fat loss, energy, overall health, and overall well-being.


It all begins with the sun. This is what creates the circadian rhythm. The light entering our eyes is what connects the brain to the outside world. Melanopsin is a protein found in the eye that detects blue light. This tells your body whether it’s day or night. Melanopsin senses the blue light of sunlight because it is rich in it. The suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN), which detects the sunlight entering our eyes, picks up the cues that it’s daylight. Our brain’s circadian system releases melatonin in the evening and signals us to go to bed when the sun is up. Melatonin then decreases as the sun gets higher, which then wakes us. It also tells us to eat faster during the day, when the sun shines.


Short answer: yes. Exposure to blue light via indoor light, tablets and computers, televisions and phones, can lead to increased alertness. This is due to melanopsin stimulation. It is not in our nature to absorb the blue light these devices emit. In the last 150 years, we have only had electrical blue emitting lighting that is available at all times of the day. This confuses your brain about when it is day or evening. This can cause us to be awake all night and lead to poor quality sleep. It also lowers the production melatonin which causes disruption to our sleep cycle. This can then impact our overall health and productivity. This internal rhythm is just like the natural rhythm of nature. Your body needs it to function with the natural rhythm of earth. It helps maintain mental clarity and good moods.


Learn to manage blue lightingschedule your meals and master your sleeping habits. By wearing blue light blocking sunglasses, you can reduce your exposure to the sun during the day by focusing on the sunrise. Blue light blocking glasses at night are very helpful to calm your nervous system and get you ready to sleep. Be consistent with your sleep and wake time. Research has shown that eating too often (6 am to 10 pm) is bad for your health. It is much better to eat every 10 hours. This gives your body the time it needs to recharge and rest.






Satchin Panda (Doctor of Philosophy), The Circadian Code. Lose Weight. Supercharge Your Energy. Transform Your Life from Morning to Midnight.

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