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All-You-Need to Know About Children’s Dentistry in Lowell, Massachusetts

Children’s Dentistry in Lowell, Massachusetts is a topic that many people are interested in. In this blog post, we will go over what you need to know about children’s dentistry! Topics include: how to find the best children’s dentist Lowell near me, how can I help my child get ready for their first visit? and much more.

How can you tell if your child needs dental care?

Parents or teachers may notice that something is wrong with the teeth of a child. The most common signs are:

  • Cracked, chipped, or broken front teeth
  • Worn down tooth surfaces
  • Very visible bumps on the tongue side of the incisor (front) teeth and canine (eye tooth) teeth

If any of these conditions exist for more than six months then it might be time to seek dental care for your child from our Lowell office. Your Children Dentist Lowell will assess whether you need treatment by carrying out a thorough clinical examination which can be followed up with radiographs if necessary.

When should I schedule my child’s appointment with the dentist?

If your child has any of the following problems, it is important to schedule an appointment with Lowell Children’s Dentistry as soon as possible. Tooth pain or tenderness in children under age 15. Swollen gums that bleed when brushed, especially if your child is younger than three years old. These signs can be a sign of early childhood caries (cavities). Teeth coming in crooked or delayed teething and not wanting to chew solid food since babies are born without teeth and their baby teeth come in over time.

What are common teeth problems in children?

Children’s Dentistry in Lowell usually sees common teeth problems including cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. Cavities are the most commonly seen problem at their pediatric dentist’s office. This is when bacteria build upon your child’s teeth and cause holes to form that damage tooth enamel. Symptoms of this issue include a quick rise in pain, fever, or swelling of gums near infected areas Children’s Dentistry Lowell.

Tips on how to keep your kids from eating too much sugar and candy

The more candy and sugar your kids eat, the bigger risk they have for cavities. It is a good idea to limit their access to these treats as much as possible. Orthodontics Lowell says try implementing strategies such as Rotating toothbrushes with friends or family members so that everyone’s brush gets used regularly instead of being stored away until the next time it is needed. Investing in a home water filtration system like one from Aquasana can help keep teeth clean while also improving the taste of tap water which may be less appealing than bottled varieties.

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