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Ear Wax Removal - Regain Clear Hearing

Jun 16

Regain Clear Hearing

The body’s natural processes produce earwax to protect the ear canal and eardrum. If this process gets out of hand, it can cause blockages in the ears which will affect your quality of life and hearing. Earwax removal service in Middlesbrough is a safe and simple procedure, which can be performed by our highly trained clinicians in a comfortable environment. Trying to remove earwax at home by using cotton buds or other objects can actually push the earwax further into the ear, leading to increased discomfort, tinnitus and hearing loss.

Having a regular ear wax removal appointment helps to prevent blockages and also means you’ll hear your best as soon as possible, even with a small build-up of earwax. We offer a range of ear wax removal services including microsuction and manual extraction, both of which are quick, effective and painless.

We have the latest in ear wax removal technology and our experienced nurses and doctors can remove excess earwax with no fuss, no mess and no discomfort. In addition, our earwax removal service is backed up by an otoscope to ensure the most thorough cleaning and inspection of your ears.

Our earwax removal service is carried out using microsuction, which is one of the safest and most effective methods available. With this procedure, your nurse or doctor will examine your ear canal and eardrum with the help of a microscope, and then use a suction device to remove any earwax. Often, a sterile saline solution will be used to break up the earwax before it is removed.

Loud & Clear Hearing Care Ear wax removal is an important part of your hearing health, but it is crucial to have a professional conduct the procedure to avoid damaging your eardrum. At Loud & Clear Hearing Care we have a range of specialist equipment to safely and quickly remove earwax, including the latest in microscopic ear wax removal technology. Our qualified earwax removal specialists can also provide you with comprehensive advice on how to care for your ears at home and in between appointments.

Loud & Clear Hearing Care expert team of earwax removal specialists in Middlesbrough are fully trained and qualified to carry out the procedure, and we’re also certified by BSHHP for our commitment to patient safety. We’re proud to be an approved CLEARWAX Ear Wax Removal Specialist, and we can guarantee that you will receive a high standard of treatment.

Your earwax removal will begin with an otoscope examination to check the condition of your ear canal and eardrum. Your consultant will then advise you on the most suitable method for removing your earwax, whether that’s using our specialist microsuction technique or our manual removal service.

Please note that a minimum consultation fee of PS20 is payable if no treatment is required. Prior to your earwax removal appointment, we recommend you soften your ear wax with a commercial earwax softening product or olive oil which is quite safe to use.