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Reasons to Attend the Reliable Marriage Counseling Retreats

Aug 17

All couples experience conflict. Sometimes, the conflict is in the form of battles about money, while sometimes it’s about the lack of a healthy lifestyle. Couples Therapy offered at An Affair Of The Heart can help resolve all these conflicts. Therapy is not usually about blaming each other for the mistakes in the relationship; it’s about getting access to tools for communicating and asking for what you desire. 

Marriage retreats allow couples to spend days with each other without distractions. If you are not sure whether Marriage Therapy Retreats can work for you and your partner, here are the reasons that should encourage you. 

If You Have Grown Apart

After many years of marriage, most couples don’t know how to engage with each other. They lose intimacy and connection, and when this goes on for a long time, they find other things to fill their lives. As a result, they end up forgetting what brought them together and why they chose each other. 

At An Affair Of The Heart, our counselors teach you how to grow close to each other. We will work with you and discuss the tissues that have created this distance. After you leave our retreat, you will have enough reasons to keep your initial connection.

If You Fight About Money

Money has always been a touchy issue for couples. Couples often talk about money because of differing spending styles of disagreements on how to spend and save for retirement. The stress related to money doesn’t come from having enough money; it comes from the feelings of anxiety, envy, and anger induced by money. 

If one person in the union earns a higher salary, it can create an imbalance in the relationship. At Couples Therapy, our therapists will help you understand your relationship with money and the way it shapes your thoughts. We will teach you how to develop more financial empathy for one another.

If Your Love Life is Lacking

Lack of intimacy is a major cause of divorce for many couples. If you have been doing the same thing for years, sex can become less enjoyable. Relationship Retreats can give you access to a therapist who can help explore your sex life with your partner. At An Affair Of The Heart, Intensive Marriage Retreats involve having a guided conversation with a good therapist. 

The therapist can make you both feel more comfortable while discussing intimate subjects.

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