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Salon Varieties In The Beauty Industry

Jun 29

Salon Service Types

It might be challenging to keep up with the many treatments that are offered since the beauty business has expanded so much. All-encompassing "beauty therapists" are a thing of the past. Even at the bigger spa salons, no one employee is likely to be able to do all services, since many independent salons specialize on a narrow range of services, from tanning to nail art. Some of the most well-liked treatments offered in a salon might be:

  • Hair coloring, style, and cutting
  • Nail treatments and other hair removal procedures
  • Facials and other skin-care procedures
  • Tanning\smassages
  • Additional medical services like aromatherapy

The selection of salon services is always growing and evolving. Therefore, it can be a suitable match for you if you appreciate the notion of a fast-paced job where you'll need to continuously upgrade your abilities.

However, it can be worthwhile to explore elsewhere if you'd want to carry out the same duties from day one until retirement.


High street salons are what most of us envision when we think of hair and beauty salons because of their eye-catching posters, strong logos, and large windows.

There are 13,000 beauty salons, 1,512 nail bars, and 35,704 hair salons in the UK, according to the Hair and Beauty Industry Authority (HABIA), and the majority of them can be found on the high street.

High street salons often provide services in the areas of hair, beauty, or alternative medicine, however, some are even more specialized, concentrating only on nail art, for instance. Many hairdressers and beauty therapists spend their whole lives working in high street salons, where they learn their craft.

Spa salons are often premium establishments that are concealed within several self-contained spa complexes, such as hotels or country clubs.

The focus is on creating a premium experience, so the client feels cared for as soon as they enter the salon.

Although some spa complexes also have their own hair salons, the majority of them provide complimentary health and beauty services. There are 400 spas in the UK, according to HABIA.

You'll need to be at ease with making customer service a significant portion of your function at one of these upscale places if you want to work there.

Ensure You Have Insurance

Make sure you have the appropriate salon insurance in place to protect you from the hazards of working in the hair and beauty sector if you want to start any sort of salon yourself.

Even anything seemingly little, like a fall or trip when a client is in your salon, might lead to a lawsuit that could negatively affect your company.

Or, to learn more about starting your own salon, look up the local regulations.