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Can Chiropractic Adjustments Result In A Worsening Of Your Condition?

Jun 8

There's a lot of controversy regarding chiropractic care and some swearing that it's effective, while some warning that it may cause you to get worse. So, what's the truth? Are chiropractic adjustments really good for you or bad? Recent research has proven that chiropractic adjustments might not be as beneficial as previously was believed. The study, published in the journal Spine discovered that patients who received chiropractic adjustments were more likely to suffer worsening of their conditions as compared to those who did not receive adjustments. This may surprise some people, but it is important to take into consideration all relevant details before making a final decision regarding whether chiropractic treatment is right.

1. The Potential Risks Associated With Chiropractic Adjustments.

Chiropractic adjustments are often described as a safe and efficient treatment to relieve pain and improve your overall health. However, there are a number of risks that come with this type of treatment. These risks must be assessed prior to receiving any type of chiropractic care. One of the greatest risk is the chance of stroke. Although it is very rare, it is possible that the neck is adjusted in a manner that it could rupture an artery and cause a stroke. Another risk could be nerve damage. This can occur if the chiropractor puts too much pressure to the spine, which could cause nerve compression and result in permanent or temporary damage. There is also the possibility of spinal cord injury. Although it isn't common however, it's possible for vertebrae of the spine to be misaligned in a way that they exert pressure on the spinal chord. This can cause the paralysis of a person and possibly even death. The risks aren't that common, but it is crucial to be aware before you undergo any chiropractic treatment.


2. How To Minimize The Chances Of Suffering Negative Side Effects.

Chiropractic treatment is a safe and effective treatment option for many diseases, but as with any other medical treatment there are some possible risk factors. There are many options you can make to reduce the risk of suffering from any side consequences.

The first step is to select a reputable and certified chiropractor. Reputable chiropractors will have undergone the required education and remain current on safety standards.

In the second, you must discuss with your chiropractor any issues or concerns you may have. This will make sure that you are in the same place regarding the treatment plan you have in place.

Finally, follow all of your chiropractor's suggestions for treatment. This includes making sure you attend all scheduled appointments and avoiding any activities that could aggravate your condition.

If you follow these steps, you will assist in ensuring that chiropractic treatment is safe and effective.


3. What To Do If You Have Adverse Effects From A Chiropractic Adjustment.

If you've ever had an adjustment with a chiropractor, you know that adjustments can produce unexpected adverse results. While most people feel great after adjustments, some suffer from mild discomfort or headaches or dizziness. It's normal and nothing to worry about. These symptoms usually go away quickly and are only temporary. However, if they persist or become a source of discomfort there are some actions you can take to ease your symptoms. To keep well-hydrated, drink lots of fluids. This will help flush out any toxins that could cause your symptoms. To lessen pain and inflammation it is also possible to try using painkillers like ibuprofen. Sleep well. These easy tips will help you to feel better quickly.



There's no denying that chiropractic adjustment can be extremely helpful for treating a wide variety of issues and conditions. However, it's also important to be aware of the potential risks involved with any medical procedure - and chiropractic care is no exception. That's why it's always a good idea to discuss your individual medical history with your chiropractor before beginning treatment. This way, they can make an informed decision about whether or not chiropractic care is the best option for you. Of course, the vast majority of people who receive chiropractic adjustments experience no negative side effects whatsoever. But it's always better to be safe than sorry - so make sure you talk to your chiropractor before taking the plunge.




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