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What's the right choice for me between roof replacement and re-roofing?

May 13

What's the right choice for me between roof replacement and re-roofing?

By Katy Roof Repair

Previous Next Re-roofing damaged rooms. Although the roof is one of your most expensive investments, it can also provide the highest return on your investment. A new roof will resell for more than 80% according to statistics.


When it is time to repair your roof, you must decide whether you need to re-roof or replace the entire roof. Let's see which is better for you.


What is the Re-Roofing Process Like?

Re-roofing is a quick and inexpensive way to change the look of your roof.


A new shingle overcoat is applied to the worn shingles in re-roofing. It will improve the look of your roof and help prevent any leaks from entering your home.


It is possible to re-roof your roof if it has just one layer of roofing shingles. Building standards prohibit the addition of a third layer to roofs with more than one layer. This means that a complete roofing replacement is required by Katy's contractor.


Re-Roofing is a great option


  • Re-roofing is an affordable option for roof repair. It doesn't take a lot of labor, time, or supplies.

  • Re-roofing doesn't necessarily require the replacement or repair of the entire roof. It is therefore the fastest way to restore your roof.

What Does a Roof Repair Entail?


After your roof has been completely rebuilt, you can remove the old shingles and reveal the deck. The deck is then covered with felt or underlayment, which protects it from water and other environmental factors. After the underlayment is removed, new shingles can be applied to the roof. The roof should last at least twenty years.


Decks that have been severely damaged must be replaced to avoid potential future damage.


The benefits of a complete roof replacement


  • Re-roofing is less reliable than replacing the roof completely.

  • It does not matter how many layers of roofing shingles you have.

  • A fully remodeled roof can address all issues, making it safer and more long-lasting than re-roofing.

  • It will save you money in the end because it can help you detect signs of decay or sagging on the deck before the water gets inside.



How to Choose Between Complete Roof Replacement and Re-Roofing

Re-roofing might be an option if your roof is in good shape overall but you are having small problems with it or if it leaks.


If you only have one layer of asphalt roofing, you might be a good candidate for roof re-roofing. It is possible to skip re-roofing if only a section of the roof is in need of repair.


Roofs with more than two layers of roof shingles must be removed. This will increase both labor and disposal costs. Partial roofing is usually more expensive as roofers typically charge per 10'x10" square.


A deck that has suffered from severe water damage is sagging, and/or shows signs of mold development will need to be repaired. This will require a new roof.


If you are looking for peace of mind, a roof overhaul might be a good option. The roofer will examine your roof for signs of damage and make any necessary repairs to ensure a durable and strong roof.


Final note: If cost is a concern, re-roofing can still provide a great roof, provided the deck is not damaged. The key is to choose high-quality roof shingles with a 10-year or longer lifespan.


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