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Apr 21

Did you know that a few days solely devoted to your marriage could change your life for the better? Many couples have stereotypes about NYC Couples Therapy retreats or an unsure whether they are a good option for them. At An Affair Of The Heart, we have worked with hundreds of couples over the past decades. We believe that an intensive Couples Counseling Retreat is the best way to reach resolutions quickly and learn skills to face marital challenges more successfully. Do not hesitate to attend our retreats if you want to dig deep and work on your marriage issues in an intense yet safe context. This is especially when:

Your Marriage is in Crisis

Marriage is a significant aspect of life, and we all expect it to be smooth. However, things happen, and challenges creep in, thus eroding the flow of intimacy and happiness in a marriage. For instance, infidelity might make it difficult to restore genuine trust with your partner. When your marriage gets to this point, you can turn to us, and we’ll do everything it takes to pull you out of this situation. Our Relationship Retreat therapist has over four decades of experience to help you address the root cause of your problems and motivating you to reconnect with each other.

You Need Immediate Availability

When your relationship is on edge, you might consider traditional counseling programs. However, the format is scheduled for several couples at a particular time of the week. This means you might not get the help you want with the urgency it deserves. Luckily, we design our Therapy Retreats for you, your spouse, and your relationship. You can schedule a private session with our therapists, which could be life-saving.

You Need To Get Away from The Daily Routine

When was the last time you spent quality time with your spouse away from the regular distractions? Perhaps all you need is a few days away from kids, phones, jobs, and chores that take up most of your time. An Affair Of The Heart provides the perfect space for you and your spouse to connect and focus on one another. We are conveniently located, so attending our retreats allows you to indulge in the amenities the nation offers while enjoying its natural beauty. Better still, you can focus solely on your partner and Relationship Retreat to focus on things that will help you rekindle your partnership.


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