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Boynton Beach Drug Rehab on Physical Toll of Drug & Alcohol Use

Mar 9


Addiction may wreak havoc on your relationships, emotional wellbeing, and mental health. It's easy to forget that consuming drugs or alcohol, even in moderation, might increase your chance of developing physical disorders including cardiovascular disease and cancer. It might be frightening to consider the physical effects of substance abuse, but there is good news: becoming clean or reevaluating your drug or alcohol relationship can help you retake control over your health. Here are some things to think about when it comes to the physical effects of drugs and alcohol, as well as how they fit into the wider social, environmental, and personal contexts that affect our health.

What Alcohol & Drugs Do to Your Body

The physical repercussions of addiction vary depending on the drug you use. Most people are aware that excessive alcohol use may harm your liver, whereas meth use can harm your dental hygiene and the look of your teeth. Living with active addiction may have an influence on your sleep and diet, leaving you appearing tired and ill.

Use of drugs and alcohol has also been linked to significant disease. It's crucial to note that you don't have to be addicted to feel these benefits. Even recreational usage might increase your chances of contracting an illness. People who drink one drink every day, for example, have a higher risk of cancer than those who do not. Each year, an estimated 20,000 persons in the United States die from malignancies linked to alcohol consumption.

Recreational alcohol usage can harm your heart, which is particularly worrying given that cardiovascular disease is the top cause of mortality among people in the United States and Canada. This is especially true among young individuals, who have a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease than older persons. According to a research published in 2021, young individuals who use cocaine, marijuana, or alcohol have a threefold greater risk of early cardiac disease. People who use four or more different substances recreationally have a nine-fold increased risk of heart disease compared to those who do not use drugs or alcohol recreationally.

Illness, Addiction, and Trauma

There is a definite link between substance abuse and chronic diseases including cancer and cardiovascular disease, according to research. The tale of causality, on the other hand, is more difficult to pin down. People who are more likely to consume substances may also be more susceptible to certain disorders.

Take a look at the research on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) (ACEs). These are potentially traumatic childhood situations, such as abuse, having a parent with mental illness, or having a parent who is jailed. These occurrences can cause toxic stress, which alters the brain's and body's functioning. As a result, those who have had a lot of ACEs are more prone to develop mental illnesses, addictions, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

People who consume a lot of alcohol or use illegal substances may question if their choices influenced their cancer diagnosis or heart problems. The truth is that our health is influenced by a wide range of biological processes, behavioral decisions, and environmental influences throughout our lives.

Sobriety and Physical Health

Taking control of your entire health is never too late. The first step is to seek treatment for a substance use problem and assess any prior traumas that may be influencing your drug or alcohol usage. Counseling can assist you in recognizing how your past experiences are still influencing your present actions and future health.

You may notice some rapid improvements in your physical health when you quit using drugs and alcohol. You could notice a difference in your weight or a better night's sleep. Your immune system, which is weakened by alcohol, will most likely recover, providing you with more protection against everything from a cold to COVID.  Furthermore, paying closer attention to your health might help you detect troubling signs and seek treatment early on, avoiding more significant consequences.

The health benefits of drinking less and abstaining from drugs accumulate over time. People who consume less alcohol and do not use recreational drugs have a lower risk of developing heart disease or cancer than those who consume excessive amounts. It's too late to alter the past, but you can take charge of your future health right now by looking into sobriety.

All In Solutions Counseling Center

Individuals looking to improve their health by overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction can seek help at All In Solutions Counseling Center. The drug rehab in Boynton Beach offers inpatient and outpatient programs that treat a variety of substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. One five star drug rehab review said of All In Solutions, "Every single member of the All In Solutions staff is so passionate and so kind, I can’t even fully express my gratitude. Tyra is an absolute angel. George and the rest of that staff at housing are attentive and care about maintaining a good environment. My therapist Jess told me what I needed to hear, but did it with compassion. And Pastor Dan’s faith based groups were so good for my spirit. I would never recommend any other addiction treatment center after experiencing All In Solutions. Thank you all!" 

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