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Coast Tradelines Review

Jan 25


Coast Tradelines Review

Coast Tradelines is distinct in the tradelines industry due to their tradeline bundles for a variety

Coast Tradelines was founded in 2010 as Strong Tower Tradelines. Later on, they integrated the Verifico platform to their technology suite however, in 2019, they decided to strike out on their own and renamed the business Coast Tradelines.

Coast Tradelines

Coast Tradelines

Coast Tradelines was founded in 2010 as Strong Tower Tradelines. Through time, they have incorporated Verifico platform in their software suite, but in 2019 they struck out on their own and changed the name of the company to Coast Tradelines.


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Coast Tradelines was founded in 2010 in the form of Strong Tower Tradelines

Over time they incorporated Verifico platform within their technology suite but in 2019 they went out on their own and renamed Coast Tradelines. Coast Tradelines.

Coast Tradelines is one of the few tradelines companies since they provide tradeline bundles, which are offered in various varieties. Coast's emphasis on volume allows it to organize tradeline bundles that reduce prices. This is why Coast is an excellent choice for the retail customer and brokers.

They also provide a verification facility for EINs, SSNs and CPNs (up to 10 at per time) so users can check for any issues regarding those numbers which could affect your credit rating. Diversification differentiates them from other single-proprietor businesses which provide only one tradeline.

Coast CEO Andy believes there is a chance because of the lack understanding by the general public on how tradelines work and a subsequent lack of trust in some tradeline companies. The CEO has led Coast Tradelines to develop tech-first solutions for problems with customer service such as phone, text online chat, email, and other options for customers. And, most importantly, Coast's service staff members are friendly as well as helpful and patient when explaining the complexities of tradelines and credit scores.

Another indicator that Coast is committed to high-quality is the library of informational posts along with a helpful frequently asked inquiries page and a comprehensive glossary of definitions that help customers get answers to their queries and help customers make an informed decision prior to buying.

Coast Tradelines Strengths

Coast Tradelines's ingenious bundling of tradelines sets them apart in the field. It enables them to offer more value at less cost to both the users and brokers. In addition to their unique offerings such as ID validation and a hefty number of educational materials, Coast's service offerings put them in the top of the line of tradeline services.

Coast also excels in its customer service. When we called to inquire about information their staff was friendly and knowledgeable. All requests were replied to in quick time. Additionally, you can obtain updates or answers over the phone, using text messages or on the website.

Coast Tradelines Areas for Improvement

Although Coast's educational materials are excellent, some competitors provide more video and other instructional materials to help the new customer navigate through their buying experience.

Their inventory is usually sold out rapidly, which can be a problem for those in search of a tradeline before the beginning of the year, but it also shows Coast is a trusted and well-known brand by its clients.

Is Coast Tradelines Right for You?

If you're a client or a broker trying to find the most price for your money, Coast Tradelines is a excellent choice. The friendly customer service they provide and deep industry experience make buying the best deal easy.

Coast is proud to give its customers complete control over the amount and varieties of tradelines they're considering. With an impressive track record for customers' experience, prices and trustworthiness, Coast is a great choice for all kinds of tradelines.

  • A huge inventory of stock allows Coast to offer the lowest prices
  • Unique features like tradeline bundles and ID validation
  • The process is simple with no hidden charges
  • A large number of items can seem overwhelming at times
  • We don't take credit card payment
  • Poor customer service during the weekend
All in all 4.5/5

Coast Tradelines' low rates, an extensive inventory and professionalism makes them a good option overall. Other services, such as tradeline bundles, ID verification and more are attractive to both retail customers and brokers.

Pricing 4/5

Coast provides some of lowest prices on the market because of their large number of quality tradelines. Lower costs are an essential goal of the firm, and it is the main reason for their tradeline acquisition.

Inventory 4/5

There are over 400 lines available every month, however the quantity of lines is rapidly depleted. All lines are well-seasoned and high-quality.

Customer Experience 4.5/5

Coast Tradelines website is well laid out and easy to navigate. The forms are easy and easy to navigate. They usually respond within 24 hours by texts or phone calls.

Credibility 4/5

The sales representatives are well-educated and are able to resolve client concerns. All contracts are written which protects users and also ensures the company has 10-years of experience in the field.

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