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Should You Consider Dental Implants

Nov 29

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Dental implants are a smart option for people who want to replace their missing teeth with permanent replacements that look and feel like natural teeth. They are designed to be placed in the jawbone, where they integrate with surrounding tissue, becoming part of the body over time. This makes them an excellent choice for patients who need extensive work done or those who may have compromised bone density.

A good dentist in Tempe, AZ, will carefully examine your mouth before advising on whether surgery is advisable and what type would be best suited to your case; however, some general information about these procedures might help you as you weigh your options.

Why do people need dental implants?

Thousands of Americans need implants every year to replace teeth that have been lost due to accidents, disease, or neglect. Dental implants are the only option for some people because it may not be possible for them to wear dentures or bridges. Implants can also be used in therapeutic work where there is not enough bone density to support removable dentures. In these cases, the implants function as teeth root substitutes and can be used to anchor a new set of permanent teeth in place.

Dental implants are typically made from a titanium alloy compatible with the human body and will not set off metal detectors. They may also be embedded with other metals to make them more robust or more stable. Once they have been inserted, the process generally requires a few months for the bone to grow around them before they can be attached to replacement teeth. This is because implants fuse to the jawbone and create a strong connection with surrounding tissue, much like the roots of natural teeth.

What you can expect

    • Damaged tooth removal

If you want to replace a missing tooth with an implant, your Dentist in Tempe, AZ will first need to remove the closest tooth on either side. This may require root canal treatment or extraction, depending on how healthy it is and whether there are any infection signs. 

    • Dentures implant placement

If you have dentures, the Dentist in Tempe, AZ may want to replace them with a set of denture teeth that can be attached to your dental implant. This will allow you to avoid wearing an ill-fitting partial or removable appliance. Another option is to provide a new custom crown on the implant post and attach your dentures to that. This option will be more comfortable and give you the look of a natural tooth instead of something artificial, but it is also more expensive.

    • Bone growth and repair

The site where the implant will be placed needs to heal for a few months before it can support your dentist's restoration. Therefore, we may advise you to wait this amount of time and consider using dental bridges or tooth replacement options that don't require surgery until the implant site has healed. It would help if you also avoid activities that can damage or disturb it, so you don't need to start this process again

    • Artificial tooth placement

Once your dentist has determined that the site is ready to support a restoration, you can choose from various styles and materials. Many people will opt for acrylic or porcelain fixtures that look like natural teeth. Others may want to go with more traditional options such as gold fillings, dental crowns, bridges, or partial dentures.

Process of getting a dental implant.

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An implant may be inserted in a single visit to the dentist in Tempe, AZ, if the site is free of infection. Patients waiting for implants might choose to attach temporary teeth or partials while they wait for their permanent replacement teeth. This may require more than one visit, depending on the case and what type of work will be done during each session.

Both the dentist and the patient must ensure that implants are suitable for their specific case. Implants should be inserted by a qualified professional who has had training in this area of dentistry to ensure optimal results. Reputable dental clinics will often have an experienced dentist on staff who can advise you to make important decisions about your care.

After the operation

Gum and facial swelling

After a dental implant is placed, you will likely experience some gum and facial swelling. This is normal and will go away within a few days or weeks, depending on how severe it is. In addition, your dentist may prescribe antibiotics if they feel that the procedure may have potentially exposed you to infection.

Gum and skin bruising

You may notice some changes in the texture and appearance of your skin and gums for several weeks after surgery. These can be disconcerting, but they are usually temporary. The local anesthetic that is applied to keep you comfortable during the operation often leaves a temporary numbness or tingling sensation that can be felt on your lower lip and chin. This should be gone within the first few days after your surgery.

Minor bleeding

You may experience some bleeding from your gums and wounds after a dental implant has been inserted. This is normal and will go away if it is minor. If major blood loss or excessive pain occurs during this process, you should contact your dentist right away to determine the next steps.

Pain at the implant site

Immediately after an implant is placed, you may experience pain, bleeding, and swelling in your mouth. Avoid taking NSAIDs or aspirin to minimize these symptoms. If they are terrible, contact the Dentist in Tempe, AZ, so you can discuss what medications will be safe to take during this period.


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Dental implants are often the preferred option for individuals who have lost teeth or need their dentures replaced. Implants can provide you with a more natural look while improving your ability to speak, chew food, and bite properly.

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