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Physical Therapy in Broomfield, Colorado: Treatments and Procedures

Nov 24

Physical therapy Broomfield, CO is a physical modality that focuses on the physical aspects of rehabilitation. It can be used to help people recover from many different types of injuries or physical conditions, including car accidents, sports-related injuries, and work-related injuries. The physical therapist will use multiple techniques to help you heal faster and get back to living your life without limitations. In this blog post, we will go over how physical therapy works in Broomfield, Colorado.

What is physical therapy?

Broomfield physical therapy is a branch of medicine that deals with physical injuries and diseases to increase movements, maintain physical functions and improve the quality of life for individuals who have been affected by injury or disease. Physical therapist in Broomfield is health care professionals that assess joint movement, muscle strength, level of function, and activities to determine how well an individual can perform daily tasks such as walking up stairs or carrying groceries from one room to another without assistance.

Who can benefit from physical therapy?

People who have physical therapy Broomfield, Colorado often include those with conditions such as neck or back injuries from a car accident or work injury, arthritis and other forms of joint pain that make everyday activities difficult to complete, relief from the stiffness resulting from physical therapy treatments for athletes (such as runners) after their athletic career has ended. Additionally, physical therapists can help people dealing with chronic muscle aches and pains related to overuse - whether it's an office worker using a computer all day long or someone spending too much time on the couch watching television shows and movies at night (a sedentary lifestyle). While we don't treat these issues directly, physical therapy can provide benefits by helping those with physical therapy in Broomfield, Colorado, making the lifestyle changes necessary to prevent them from occurring.

How does physical therapy work?

Broomfield physical therapy works by utilizing physical agents to improve physical health. There are many different physical treatments, including heat and cold therapies, electrical stimulation, ultrasound therapies, balance training, strengthening exercises, hydrotherapy techniques. Physical therapy also involves physical procedures, such as joint injections and endoscopic techniques.

Common treatments and procedures for patients with different conditions

There are many different treatment options available for physical therapists in the physical therapy industry to treat specific conditions or injuries that a patient has been diagnosed with. Common treatments and procedures for patients with different conditions include physical therapy, manual manipulation of the joints and tissues, soft tissue mobilization techniques to increase the range of motion in immobile muscles or ligaments. Other physical therapy clinic Broomfield and procedures may include: ultrasound to increase blood flow, stimulate tissue healing, heat or ice packs for muscle pain relief, hot tubs called hydrotherapy that is used as a way to manage acute or chronic inflammation in injured areas of the body with low impact on joints, electrical stimulation also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) which can be used alone or combined with other physical therapy techniques like manual lymphatic drainage (MLD). NMES uses electricity along with massage and exercise has been found helpful for patients who suffer from edema after surgery, workers' compensation injuries; sports injuries; arthritis; cancer treatment side effects such as lymphedema; physical therapy may also be prescribed to help patients increase muscle strength, improve balance and coordination.

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