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WAYS TO BOOST YOUR WELLBEING IN 2021 | Aurelia Probiotic Skincare


In a particularly challenging moment in time, as we enter into 2021 it’s a really important moment to focus on how you’re feeling and find ways to look after your physical and mental health. Here’s a couple of things that help us at Aurelia London. 


Whether that’s macramé or making music, whatever you can immerse yourself in easily and not even realise time has passed is an important thing to ingratiate into your life. Having a mix of different hobbies will help you build different skills, relationships and even more importantly, boost your mood. Doing something that’s just for you, simply because you love it is an important act of self-care.


Practising saying no could be one of the most important things you do for yourself this year if you struggle with that. It’s not easy to start with but the more you set down boundaries, the easier it becomes. Communicating your needs and desires is something we all should do more of with those around us to feel happier. 


Whether that’s not getting enough sleep or adding more nutrient-rich foods into your diet, now is the time to start looking at areas of your health that could be improved. We recently launched our new Beauty & Immunity Support Supplements as a super simple way to give your skin and immune system a helping hand. The capsules are packed with a unique triple strain probiotic blend, protective zinc and more essential nutrients to help you feel your best.


Being social is pretty much essential to the human experience. Luckily, we now have plenty of ways to keep in touch with friends and family – even if we can’t see them in person. Don’t sit in silence if you’re feeling lonely, you never know which of your friends could be feeling exactly the same. Arranging regular video calls or socially distanced walks (if you’re able to) will help massively. Trust us, there’s few things in life that can’t be made better with heart-to-heart with one of your besties.


Social media can feel quite overwhelming at the moment and we often forget that we’re  comparing our everyday lives to other peoples’ highlights. We reach for it when we’re looking for connection, but often it can leave us feeling unsatisfied, isolated and less-than after each scroll. Limiting your daily use and taking breaks is important, so put the phone down and turn to other activities whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or low. 

What do you do to look after your wellbeing? Share what works for you at @aureliaskincare #aurelialondon

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