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Use the small balance on a Visa® Gift Card to Buy Cosmetics

It happens all the time. You use most of your VISA gift card, but there is still a small balance available.

Your first option is to just go offline and go to a store’s location. When you are in there, in person, the cashier can take multiple forms of payment so they can use your remaining Visa gift card balance, and then you can pay the remaining balance with another form of payment.  I realize this isn’t always an option, nor ideal, so there are alternatives. Another option is to buy a store gift card for the exact amount you have left on your visa gift card. For example, let’s say I have $5 remaining on my Visa gift card. I can buy a $5 gift card to Amazon and am able to use the gift card plus pay the remaining balance. Starbucks will also allow you to stack gift cards and add them to your account. You can buy a $5 Starbucks gift card with your Visa gift card and add the Starbucks gift card amount to your account. Walmart will also allow you to pay with a store gift card and then pay the remaining balance by credit card online.  Sometimes if you place an order over the phone, the sales agent might be able to put through two credit cards (e.g., your visa gift card and your personal credit card), just like they could if you were at a brick and mortar store. This depends on the store, so you will have to call to find out. With more online shopping and curbside pick-up options becoming available this year, there are more options for payments via telephone or website. If you have a balance of around $20, you can sell your gift card for the money.   Visa gift cards are very popular, and although you may get less than face value, at least you are getting cash, and the money won’t go to waste. It’s much better to get $18 cash than not use your remaining Visa gift card, and add to the billions of dollars in unused gift cards. If you use Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can add the balance to these accounts. If you do this, as soon as you get your Visa gift card, just make sure you activate the gift card before adding it to your Apple Pay or Google Pay.

So many people have several gift cards in their wallet with small balances. They don’t want to throw them out because they know they are throwing away money, but at the same time, the small balance stops them from using it. Eventually, it’s easy to forget exactly how much is left on the card, and soon enough, the card is thrown away. You can easily check the remaining balance on your Visa gift card. The website or bank you purchased your gift card from will show you your remaining balance; all you need to do is enter the card amount. Never throw out a gift card without checking the balance first! And if you have money on it, use it. The workarounds listed above are easy to do.

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