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This Designer’s LA Bungalow Is A Tropical Vacation In Home Form

I have definitely been spending more time at home during COVID. I keep our space fresh by observing the flow of a space and switching things up if things are not unfolding naturally in a space.

I had my work-from-home zone set up in our casita at the beginning of the pandemic, and even though the light in there was great and the space was comfortable, colorful, and inspiring, I noticed that it was a high-traffic area that my whole family used for lots of purposes (Zoom school, hanging out, reading, jamming on our instruments, etc.), which made it a little difficult to focus during meetings, so I moved my office into one of the less frequently used rooms in our home. It is a room that my daughter occasionally watches TV in, but otherwise, it’s a quiet place where I can focus and get work done more efficiently.

Switching things up also makes a space feel fresh because you get the energy in the room moving and flowing differently. 

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