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The Surprising Tool This Stylist Uses To Get Glossy Curls & Waves

If you have wavy or curly hair, you likely know this hair truth all too well: The final outcome of your prep work and styling is contingent on many variables. For example, at what stage of the drying process that you apply your styling products can affect the volume: Apply it on sopping wet hair and you’ll likely get more control and hold, or apply it on damp, towel-dried hair and you’ll get fluffier, more voluminous hair. The way you layer protects can impact hold, hydration, and texture. 

Well the way you set your hair as it dries as a pretty dramatic effect as well. Some swear by braids to get a nice loose wave. Others love the “plop” method, in which they let their hair dry in a microfiber towel to achieve more lift. Of course, there’s the classic scrunch technique. 

Well, want to take your loose curls or waves to the next level? Consider using a Denman brush, a favorite among hair experts and amateurs alike. As New York City based hairstylist Matt Newman recently shared on his popular TikTok MattLovesHair, it can really give your final outcome just the right amount of softness and movement. 

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