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Beauty Editor and Curly Hair Enthusiast, Abriana, gives readers her two cents on hair related issues. Although she does not hold a PhD in Psychology, her advice stems from her own personal experience with her natural hair. This is a safe place for our audience to write in and get a second look at situations we can all relate to.  For the privacy of our readers, alternative names have been given. Need advice or would like to submit your hair related story? Send all submissions to [email protected] and follow the natural hair guru on Instagram, @thekurlyeditor

Stacey: I’m learning what kind of products I use daily for my hair and scalp. This process is still new to me. Why should I incorporate sulfate free products in my routine? I was told we need sulfates in our scalp. Please help!

Abriana: Sulfates are known for stripping your hair of its natural oils, resulting in making your hair feel brittle and dry. It’s a powerful cleanser, although you want your scalp clean, we need to hold on to some of our own natural oils to maintain healthy hair. Be on the lookout for these common sulfate ingredients: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Sodium, Laureth Sulfate Sodium, Lauryl Sulfoacetate Sodium, Lauroyl Isethionate, Sodium Lauroyl Taurate. 

Photo Credits: ShotByGiftedMindset

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