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How-To Skateboard: Kickflip with Chris Cole

The Kickflip is the first big trick to learn in skateboarding. Once you master this one, it’ll be easier to continue learning other flip tricks and much more. To get you dialed in, we collaborated with Stomp Sessions and three-time X Games gold medalist Chris Cole. With his easy-to-follow pro tips, you’ll learn the best technique to land this classic trick with confidence. 

Before You Kickflip, Master the Ollie

To do a proper Kickflip, make sure your Ollies are solid and that you are evening out the board by sliding your front foot forward. That’s going to help you a lot when learning the Kickflip.

Foot Placement

Kickflip - Stomp Sessions
Stomp Sessions

Put your front foot an inch below the front bolts at a 45 degree angle, with most of your foot on the board (and your heel slightly off). Put your back foot at the center of the tail––all the way back to the tip and balanced on your toes––that’s what’s going to hit the ground first.

Pop and Flick

Kickflip - Stomp Sessions
Stomp Sessions

When you pop, slide your front foot at a 45 degree angle, up and through the nose. The sweet spot is the pocket where the nose starts to go up in front of your bolts. Flicking through this spot will level out your board. Jump and keep your chest up, while lifting your back foot.

Make the Catch

Kickflip - Stomp Sessions
Stomp Sessions

You’ll catch the tail with your back foot as the board levels out from your flick. Keep your front foot out and up, waiting for your back foot to catch it. This helps avoid the bad habit of putting your front foot down before catching the board. 

Avoid Bad Habits

Kickflip - Stomp Sessions
Stomp Sessions

If your board doesn’t flip over, try flicking a little more through the nose. If you’re having trouble keeping your front foot up before catching with your back foot, remember to jump with your chest when you flick.  

Watch Cole’s Kickflip Tutorial on Stomp Sessions.

To get the foundations to the Kickflip, watch Cole’s Ollie Tutorial. Once you have the Kickflip on lock, you’re ready to learn the Tre Flip.

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