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How To Fight Cognitive Decline In Your 20s, 30s, 40s & Beyond, From Neurologists

In your 20s, the Sherzais want you to focus on attention. “Attention is the gatekeeper of consciousness,” Dean says. “If your attention is affected, everything behind that is affected disproportionately. You can’t memorize, you can’t do executive functions…”

And guess what? That lack of attention starts very early: “It’s actually something that happens significantly starting in our 20s, and, fortuitously, it’s one of the things that we can affect the most, as well,” Dean adds. In other words: Your focus depletes as you grow older, so it’s important to strengthen it as much as you can while you’re young. 

In terms of how you can change your relationship with focus, the Sherzais say you might want to quit multitasking. Which, we admit, is a bit difficult in our pervasive, fast-paced working environment, but try to silo your tasks from beginning to end if you can. See, when you multitask, your attention becomes compromised, which creates this perfect storm for cognitive decline: As you get older, your focus becomes more and more affected, and multitasking affects it further. 

Additionally, they recommend breathwork and meditation to focus your attention inward. Even if you take a mere five minutes to quiet your mind, try to practice every day if you can: “It is an all-day endeavor that if you take it on, you can significantly not just decline but increase your cognitive capacity,” Dean says. 

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