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How Blood Sugar Impacts Hormones + Tips on how to Begin Restoring Stability – The Natural Dietitian

The perfect saved secret to wholesome hormones? Balanced blood sugar ranges.

Sadly, so many people are using the blood sugar curler coaster — experiencing blood sugar spikes and crashes all day lengthy — and our hormones are getting whiplash consequently.

And sure, even those that eat a nutritious diet full of entire, actual meals can unintentionally catch a journey!

That is essential for us all to concentrate on. In any case, hormones are an enormous deal — they inform the physique what to do and the best way to do it, and so we want to verify they’re wholesome and in stability.

So how are you going to inform in case your blood sugar ranges could also be imbalanced?

Widespread signs of imbalanced blood sugar ranges embody:

  • Fatigue, particularly after meals
  • Fixed starvation
  • Sturdy sugar cravings
  • Problem shedding weight
  • Migrating aches and pains
  • Bother falling or staying asleep
  • Feeling “hangry,” anxious, or jittery when going too lengthy with out consuming

Do any of those look acquainted to you? 

If sure, learn on.

How does blood sugar affect hormones?

After we eat carbohydrates — whether or not from a candy potato, apple, or cookie — the physique breaks them down into glucose, or sugar, which is launched into the bloodstream for use by the physique as a type of power. 

That is the place insulin is available in. Insulin is a hormone produced by your pancreas that shuttles glucose into the cells for use for power. Insulin is essential as a result of it stops sugar from accumulating in your bloodstream — it regulates your blood sugar and retains it inside a wholesome vary.

That is all pure and regular. Nonetheless, issues go awry when there may be an excessive amount of sugar within the bloodstream, or we expertise a blood sugar spike. In response and in an try to deliver issues again into stability, the physique releases extra insulin. The issue: insulin impacts the physique past simply blood sugar, together with particular reproductive hormones.

Elevated and erratic blood sugar ranges are additionally a big supply of stress on the physique, and trigger a spike within the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol can be launched by the physique when blood sugar ranges are low. This stress response and improve in cortisol has a domino impact on the physique’s different hormones as properly.


Cortisol competes with progesterone — when cortisol goes up, progesterone can go down. 

This could result in estrogen dominance, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, heavy and painful intervals, migraines, despair, nervousness, zits, and extra.


Your ovaries are literally coated in insulin receptors. Elevated insulin could cause your ovaries to supply extra testosterone. 

Excessive testosterone can intervene with ovulation and result in PCOS, irregular intervals, or amenorrhea (lack of menstruation).


Excessive insulin may decrease SHBG (intercourse hormone binding globulin).

SHBG binds to testosterone in order that it’s not all out there without delay. So when SHBG goes down, it permits extra free testosterone into the bloodstream and this may set off extra hormonal imbalances.

How can we work to stability blood sugar ranges for balanced hormones?


A plate full of carbs — even wholesome, entire meals sources of carbs — is prone to spike blood sugar ranges.

Protein and wholesome fat are digested extra slowly and so assist to gradual glucose absorption into the bloodstream, stopping an unhealthy spike in blood sugar. Protein and fats additionally maintain us feeling fuller longer, which helps us overcome the sugar cravings that would set us again on the blood sugar curler coaster.

To remember to embody protein and wholesome fat to stability carbs with every meal.


I’m a BIG fan of correctly testing and never guessing. It’s no completely different with regards to addressing nutrient deficiencies or imbalances. Nutritional vitamins and minerals affect nutritional vitamins and minerals so in the event you take the unsuitable issues, take the unsuitable dose, or skip essential vitamins then you are able to do extra hurt than good.

Considered one of my prime suggestions for engaged on nutrient balances is utilizing a HTMA (hair tissue mineral evaluation) check and we run them on all our purchasers. This specific check is nice for therefore a dozen various things however one is assessing carbohydrate tolerance and blood sugar imbalances like diabetes and insulin resistance.

Sure minerals (when in stability) assist assist wholesome blood sugar ranges together with calcium and magnesium in addition to chromium and zinc. However earlier than you begin blindly supplementing it’s good to know your ranges so be sure to work with a practitioner (like us) which might be properly educated so that you don’t make dangerous errors. Balancing minerals is extra than simply supplementing. You additionally have to be addressing food regimen, way of life and intestine well being.


Once we skip a meal, our blood sugar ranges drop. In an try to revive stability, the physique will launch cortisol with the purpose of accelerating blood sugar shops. Ultimately, we’ve a cortisol and blood sugar spike, which is a double-whammy to your hormones.

So to maintain issues balanced, remember to have 3 correct meals a day (balanced with protein, wholesome fat, and carbs like we simply mentioned, in fact!).


But another excuse to make sleep a non-negotiable: balanced blood sugar ranges and wholesome hormones!

As a result of after we don’t get sufficient sleep, our cortisol and blood sugar ranges rise. This connection is so important that researchers discovered that “lower than 1 week of sleep restriction can lead to a prediabetic state in younger, wholesome topics.” (source)

Associated: 6 Ways to Improve Your Sleep…Naturally


⁣Stress causes blood sugar ranges to extend. Once more, this connection is so robust that researchers have discovered that “completely different types of emotional stress are related to an elevated threat for the event of sort 2 diabetes.” (source)

So for the sake of your blood sugar ranges and hormones, go forward and take a pleasant, huge deep breath, and remember to embody stress discount into your each day wellness routine. 

I take pleasure in and sometimes suggest meditation apps like Headspace and Calm, although stress discount appears completely different for everybody. For you, it could be studying for an hour earlier than mattress, taking a soothing stroll throughout your lunch break, snuggling with a pet, or working towards a passion. No matter it’s, do extra of it!

Do you expertise signs of imbalanced blood sugar ranges? 

Will you set any of our sensible first steps for balanced blood sugar ranges into follow?

Any questions? 

Please tell us within the feedback beneath so we will maintain the dialog going and assist you in your hormonal well being journey!

And are you able to get a transparent image of your hormone ranges by means of testing? Prepared for a transparent plan to revive hormonal stability?


As a Registered Dietitian and Purposeful Diagnostic Diet Practitioner, my crew and I assist purchasers get correct testing, help within the technique of studying these outcomes utilizing medical correlation (treating the affected person and never simply the check outcomes), and provides them the right instruments (food regimen, dietary supplements, and way of life) to rework their well being.

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