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Hair Lotions Versus Hair Butters

By Choya Randolph

I really like winter. With the snow, decorations, and presents, it really does really feel like essentially the most fantastic time of the yr. However you already know what isn’t fantastic? Dry hair. Retaining my coils hydrated throughout the winter is crucial to my crown’s well being. So I made a decision to do my very own analysis to spice up my hair’s moisture. 

I came upon hair butters. After I consider hair butters, I consider tremendous thick hair lotions. I have already got a go-to cream that I ain’t letting go of anytime quickly so I by no means thought to offer hair butters a attempt. However with winter beating my hair up, I started to surprise if hair butters can do a greater job at holding my hair moisturized throughout the winter than my cream. 

Hair butters and lotions have rather a lot in frequent. They have a tendency to have the identical elements. The primary distinction is that hair lotions often have water as an ingredient and hair butters don’t. Water offers the cream a creamier consistency that makes it simpler to use. Hair butters reside as much as its title by having the identical consistency of precise butter. Hair butters might be thicker than Megan Thee Stallion and I ain’t obtained time for alladat. It’s winter and I don’t really feel like warming up my hair butter as a result of it has solidified. This makes me need to stick with my cream.

Right here’s the factor, although lotions and butters have similarities, hair butters will not be a substitute in your cream when doing the LOC technique. For individuals who aren’t conversant in the LOC technique, it’s an excellent manner for naturals to moisturize our hair. It’s an acronym that stands for liquid, cream, and oil. The acronym additionally represents the order you employ your merchandise which suggests utilizing a leave-in conditioner, cream, then an oil. Hair butters are a mix of oils and unrefined butters. The elements might be so simple as avocado oil and shea butter. 

So if hair butters are waterless and made up of solely oils and butters, which means it doesn’t do what a cream does however what an oil does. Which means hair butters shouldn’t be a cream various however an oil various. When doing the LOC technique, the cream is supposed to forestall moisture loss and supply hair definition. Some lotions may even give our curls some maintain. Oils are sealants meant to lock within the moisture in our hair. So the true query isn’t hair lotions versus hair butters however hair butters versus oils.

With it being colder, retaining moisture is the aim which suggests hair butters might take the cake this season. When doing the LOC technique, many people are light-handed with our go-to oil. We additionally use very mild oils as a result of who desires oily hair? Hair butters can go the additional mile as a result of it’s extra than simply an oil however a butter as effectively. Its thick consistency may give your hair a a lot wanted enhance this winter. 

Hair butters cannot solely seal in your moisture but additionally forestall breakage. Much like coconut oil, hair butters solidify so in case your condo is freezing, you’ll have to heat up your hair butter within the microwave. For those who’re lazy like me, you’ll be able to rub it in your fingers to heat it up. You should purchase your individual hair butter however they’re fairly simple to make since they solely require oil and unrefined butter. The one con is that it’s thick consistency can weigh your hair down and result in product construct up so be aware of how a lot you set in your hair. 

If in case you have excessive porosity hair or broken hair, it’s possible you’ll need to incorporate hair butters into your hair care routine. For those who’re like me, you’ll simply use hair butters throughout the winter when your hair wants somewhat extra assist at retaining moisture. 

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