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Dewar’s Creates Limited-Edition Whiskey for U.S. Open

“From Many, One” is the motto of the 2021 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines. From more than 150 golfers who tee off on June 17, only one will be left standing triumphant at the 18th hole. “From Many, One” is also an accurate description of “The Champions,” a 19-year-old limited-edition whiskey from Dewar’s that commemorates the start of the U.S. Open.



“The Champions” is a winning blend

For “The Champions,” Dewar’s master blender Stephanie Macleod blended double aged grain and single malt whiskeys. This results in a singular blend that’s finished exclusively in American ex-bourbon casks. This rare edition features rich notes of honey, toffee, vanilla, and ripe cherries. And while it has aromas of toffee popcorn and soft panna cotta, it also has floral notes of freshly cut grass, quite appropriate for the U.S. Open. Speaking of champions, Macleod has won Master Blender of the Year award at the last two meetings of the International Whiskey Competition.

Brian Cox, vice president of Dewar’s North America, explains that “The Champions” has both golf and whiskey lovers in mind. “They hold the same passion, tenacity, and commitment to their craft that we do,” Cox says.

The silver bottle design of “The Champions” was made specifically for the 121st U.S. Championship, and part of sale proceeds will go to the USGA Foundation, which celebrates, serves, and advances the game of golf.

This is the first release in a three-year collaboration between Dewar’s and the U.S. Open championship. A new commemorative bottle will be put out each year. It’s available now until the final round of the 2021 U.S. Open (a.k.a. Father’s Day, June 20) in limited qualities at select spirit retailers and ReserveBar.com.

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