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Can You Have Intercourse With Somebody’s Soul? What We Know About Astral Intercourse

Astral intercourse is intercourse on the astral airplane through astral projection, a kind of intentional out-of-body expertise or OBE. Primarily, companions journey outdoors of their physique to a dimension generally known as the “astral airplane,” the place their souls are in a position to have intercourse. There’s not really any bodily act occurring, however two souls are witnessing and experiencing one another wholly, in a really intimate manner.

Is astral intercourse an actual factor? It is onerous to say. However numerous folks claim to have experienced OBEs, and lots of of them consider they have been in a position to go to the astral airplane, generally at will. The concept is that somebody is ready to deliberately “depart” their bodily physique, and when you consider on this core idea of out-of-body experiences, then astral intercourse is throughout the realm of motive.

In response to Graham Nicholls, an OBE researcher and writer of Navigating the Out-of-Body Experience, one idea is that an OBE is “a assemble or schema that’s primarily based upon sensory information not coming from the ordinary senses (extrasensory notion, if you’ll).” When this occurs, he explains, the self or one’s consciousness appears to have the ability to perform and understand independently of the bodily physique.

Astral intercourse, then, is “extra like a union of two aware experiences,” he explains. “In among the esoteric literature, astral intercourse has been known as ‘melding,’ which supplies an concept of what the expertise is like. It’s extra like all the self, or inside expertise, is shared and unified with one other particular person.”

This melding is what the expertise of astral intercourse is all about, says Catharine Allen, a clairvoyant intuitive and writer of A Little Bit of Intuition, although she describes it much less by way of astral projection and extra by way of a soul connection: “There are undoubtedly connections you make with folks on a soul degree. The soul connection is actual sufficient that there is telepathy, and definitely, that sexual vitality and attraction on a soul degree may manifest as astral intercourse.”

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